Condensate Corrosion and Protection

Condensate Corrosion and Protection

Condensate recovery is among the areas of strength conservation therefore widely practiced in companies today. Condensate still features about twenty percent of fats steam, and it is distilled drinking water, almost clear of dissolved solids. Therefore , it is recovery offers you advantages to boilers that include reducing gasoline costs, reducing chemical cure, conserving water, and increasing furnace efficiency. Non-contaminated condensate, which is the product in non-contact heavy steam application, dividends to water vapor boiler's system as give water. There is two types in condensate having system during boilers supports the pressurized condensate program and the gravity-vented condensate program. The show steam by high pressure condensate is restored by coming back again this condensate to the deaerator while the gravity-vented condensate dividends to the central heating boiler feed aquarium.

Oxygen Strike

Often people says due to its pureness in character; steam condensate requires not any chemical treatment, but is so? Condensate is corrosive and can be infected by rusts, something that hardly any people are aware. Sometimes, condensate can be a little acidic. That is why condensate conveyor deteriorates more quickly than heavy steam piping. Air corrosion arises in condensate piping when pitting, which is the most harmful form of corrosion.

The reaction in oxygen invasion is:

4Fe + 6H2O + 3O2 → 4Fe(OH)3Carbonic aci